Meet the wines:


Is a pink/red skinned grape that produces white wine. Grown in Germany, UK, and US, as well as Canada.  Very well suited for our climate here in the NW.   Our Siegerrebe has subtle flavors of grapefruit and floral notes and pairs well with Asian cuisine.

Mandeleine Angevine

White grape variety grown in Europe (especially popular in England) and into Central Asia.  Locally we find it in the Puget Sound area and up to the Okanagan Valley. A dry crisp white wine with notes of floral and fruity aromas, that pairs nicely with seafood, especially crab, oysters, and smoked-salmon.

Zewigelt Rose’

A highly popular red-wine grape grown in every Austrian wine region.  Fairly  new to the NW, but since being introduced, it is showing some pronounced interest and following. Our Zewigelt Rose’ delivers a crisp light rhubarb flavor with hint of citrus fruit flavors.  Perfect for pairing with light fare and summer sipping.

Red Wine Blend

This is a combination of three red wines blended from our estate grapes here in Washougal, Washington.  Leon Millot, Marcel Foch, Pinot Noir, and aged in medium toasted French oak. All 3 can produce good “varietal” wine by themselves, but blended together, we feel a better Burgundian “Vin d’Pas” or everyday Burgundy wine can be achieved.  This is a heavy dry wine with dark, rich color and silky mouth feel, more spicy aromas then fruity, a touch of blackberry, black pepper and earthy aromas are also evident.  Pairs well with Lamb chops, roasted leg of lamb, T bone steaks.

Leon Millot

A dark-skinned French-American hybrid that ripens early.  Historically grown in France (Alsace) in cooler regions but because of French restrictions on hybrids now only grown in other European countries.  Common in cooler US regions as well as Canada.  We grow this variety well in our NW climate.  Produces a wine with very dark, almost black juice.  Notes of earth, leather, black raspberries and refreshing acidity.  Full bodied red with a touch of chocolate.  Pairs with any red meats.



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