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Siegerrebe is a pink to red skinned aromatic grape used to produce a white wine. The grape is grown in Germany, UK, Canada and US.  It is very well suited for our NW climate.

Pinot Gris

Our unfiltered Pinot Gris is a white grape with grayish/brown pink skin, coming from the world’s cooler regions. It is naturally low in acidity and high in sugars.  The micro-climate in our vineyard, 550 feet above the Columbia River, is ideal for Pinot Gris grapes.

White Wine

Pinot Noir Precoce

Pinot Noir Precoce is known in Germany as “Fruhburgunder.” It ripens considerably earlier than typical Pinot Noir.  It has incredibly rich and opulent aromas.  The early ripening is very suitable for our terroir.  In addition to having the aromatic complexity of the Pinot Noir, featuring typical cherry fruit, floral aromas and earthly floral scents, the Precoce has less acidity and tannin.

2018 Silver Medal Winner at The Finger Lakes International Wine Competition - New York

Leon Millot

Leon Millot is dark-skinned French-American hybrid which ripens early.  It is commonly grown in the cooler regions of the U.S as well as in Canada.  This grape has small clusters and takes more labor to hand harvest.  We have been growing it at our vineyard for the past seven years.  The juice is dark red. This grape is a good one for blending with lighter reds.

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Marechal Foch

Marechal Foch is a dark skin French-American hybrid that ripens early. Introduced in France in 1920.  Foch is often not labeled as a varietal wine. It produces a wine similar to the best produced in the Rhone Valley or Italy.  It has small clusters like the Leon Millot.

2018 Silver Medal Winner at The Finger Lakes International Wine Competition - New York


This Rose delivers a crisp nose. Perfect to pair with heavy meats and summer sipping.
Served chilled.

Wine and Cheese
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